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Most properties currently available are LAND only but there are a few with buildings as well.

All listings are in US dollars.

If there is a house (or houses) on any of these properties, it will be featured in the photos.  If you are comparing prices around Nicaragua, please keep in mind we are on a remote island 70kms off shore from Bluefields, and getting every single piece of building materials requires it to be barged over from the mainland. This adds to the costs of building anything, but if you have questions we are happy to talk more about the process! You can also see a fantastic series of videos on "Stop Having a Boring Life" on YouTube. The owner built 2 houses on Little Corn Island, which was quite an undertaking, and he was kind enough to document the entire process of building his 2nd house for the rest of us to learn from!

Real Estate on both of the Corn Islands is going quickly and you can still get in for fantastic, VERY affordable prices. Nicaragua is one of the most affordable countries to relocate to, but the market is heating up and you won't want to miss out on what is sure to be a wise real estate investment for many years to come!

There are many lawyers to choose from to help you with your real estate transaction. Please see Professional Services, or feel free to Contact Us with any questions or additional referrals not listed.

The following properties currently for sale are ALL on BIG CORN ISLAND:

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