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LEGAL: Another great attorney is Silvia Fox, in Bluefields. If you need an attorney - for a land purchase, property dispute, residency issue, etc, she's fantastic. She is very experienced, bi-lingual, smart, empathetic, and tenacious. She can also serve clients buying property on the Corn Islands, and is well known and respected in the communities.



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LEGAL: Roberto ("Tito") Moreno is experienced, bi-lingual, and comes highly recommended by many people on Big Corn Island who he has helped with their real estate transactions and residency.



Phone: (505) 8850-1295

Looking for property on the Corn Islands?


You can also go to this new page on Facebook:"Corn Island Real Estate" for up-to-date listings (as of February 1, 2017 this page is brand new so please help build up an online audience - new listings are added every few days!)

There is no real estate office here and many property owners have a friend or family member sell their property on their behalf.

If you are buying real estate, it is critical that you seek legal advice/assistance to ensure the property title is legal and that the seller has power of attorney if the legal owner is not available. We, and lawyers, can help ensure your transaction goes smoothly.

Corn Island Vacations partners BUYERS with SELLERS, as well as offers connections to LEGAL REPRESENTATION for both parties. Email us for more information on CURRENT LISTINGS and to arrange a property tour!

Purchasing or selling property or looking for real estate listings in Nicaragua? Wanting to get your Nicaraguan residency? Needing other legal services? Here are some recommendations for bi-lingual lawyers who have experience with transactions on the Corn Islands.

LEGAL: Lawyer Hing Sing Lam is from Big Corn Island but now lives and works in the capital city Managua. Hing Sing graduated from the Universidad de Ciencias Comerciales (UCC) (University of Commercial Sciences), is energetic, personable, bilingual, and has an excellent reputation. He is very dedicated to his clients and takes the extra time needed to explain the processes and paperwork required in Nicaragua that are quite different than the US, Canada, and other countries. He is well-connected on Big Corn Island and is a wealth of knowledge of the Corn Islands' history, area, government, and local businesses.

Contact information:

Hing Sing Lam

Phone: (505) 8446-0984 (Claro) or (505) 8455-6001 (Movistar)